Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

- Matthew 28:19 -

As a church we support and are active in overseas missions.

Jim & Janice Larson

Jim and Janice Larson have been full-time missionaries in Tanzania since 2011. They are the Directors for all of Africa under Intensive Care Ministries (ICM), an international ministry based in California which pioneered a simple, but effective, inductive Bible study (IBS) program being used around the world. The ministry focus is to equip existing local churches by teaching their pastors, elders, and leaders how to read and interpret the Bible properly, as most have about an 8-10th grade education. Through the IBS seminars, they identify the best pastors from all denominations to be invited to enroll in the free, 2.5-year Bible college. These church leaders graduate with the equivalent of an A.A. Degree in Pastoral Ministry with an emphasis on preaching. Their ability to preach proper doctrine is contributing exponentially to spiritual growth and maturity. Prayer and financial support is always welcome and necessary. Spiritual warfare is great, as well as the financial need. In addition, Jim and Janice welcome visitors who can teach the Word, have musical gifts, and even a heart for ministry to youth and children, which is another big aspect of the work. Visits can be from 10-90 days.

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